How Austin Air Purifiers Work

How an Austin Air Purifier Works

The diagram demonstrates how air circulates through the Austin Air Cleaner during the filtration process.

Shown is the Austin HealthMate Series with the super-quiet permanent split capacitor motor. Air enters 360 degrees from the surrounding room. Behind the steel outer grill lies the fibrous PERMAFILTTM pre-filter, which traps large airborne particles.

The air then passes into the primary filter element. It first passes through packed carbon/zeolite, removing gases and odors. Then 60 square feet of pleated true medical HEPA medium removes sub-micron particulates including dust mites, dust, pollens, mold spores, pet dander, and other allergens - the contaminants most injurious to health.

Pure clean air is finally expelled by the centrifugal fan in one direction from the louvered top deck. This uni-directional air flow from the unit avoids contaminant-laden floor areas, and allows the air flow to be directed at will.

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