Austin Air Cleaner Maintenance

One of the best features of the whole line of Austin air cleaners is that they require much less maintenance and less frequent filter changes than competitor's air purifiers. A simple periodic cleaning and filter changes roughly every 5 years is all that is required to keep your Austin in perfect operating condition!


Your Austin Air cleaner requires very little maintenance. To remove any dust buildup on the intake area of the air cleaner, vacuum the surface using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. The other surfaces can be cleaned with a soft damp or dry cloth.

Changing the filter

You will need a large plastic garbage bag to dispose of the old filters. You will also need a pair of work gloves and a Phillips head screwdriver.

1. Unplug the unit from its power outlet.
2. Turn the unit upside down on a soft surface such as a rug.
3. Remove the 4 retaining screws from the bottom cover using a Phillips screwdriver.
4. Lift the bottom cover off and set it aside.
5. Wearing your work gloves, grasp the filter, carefully lift it out and place in plastic garbage bag.
6. Remove the pre-filter, which lies against the air intake mesh grill and replace or clean. (Note the alignment of the pre-filter seam and the power cord.)
7. Install the pre-filter then the filter with the bottom facing up.
8. Replace the bottom cover and screw down tightly.
9. Run the filter on high for at least 1 hour.

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