Dibromoethane (C2H4Br2)

1. Also known as Ethylene Dibromide, Dibromoethane is of the solution:

2. Dibromoethane is a heavy, toxic, colorless liquid with a mild sweet odor much like chloroform.

3. Dibromoethane is a manufactured chemical, but small amounts naturally occur in the ocean from algae. When heated to decomposition, Dibromoethane releases toxic fumes of bromide.

4. Dibromoethane is most commonly used as a pesticide in soil, citrus, vegetables, and grain crops. It is also used for treatment for termites, beetles, control of moths in beehives, and in waxes/resin.

5. Since this chemical is extremely toxic, exposure to high levels of concentration may lead to death. Inhaling small amounts of Dibromoethane may cause bronchitis, headache, and depression. Exposure to the skin causes redness, inflammation, and blisters.

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