Carbon Disulfide (CS2)

1. Also known as Dithiocarbonic Anhydride, Carbon disulfide is of the solution:

2. Gaseous Carbon disulfide is more than twice as heavy as air. Liquid carbon disulfide colorless with an unpleasant odor.

3. Most industrially used carbon disulfide liquid is yellowish with an unpleasant odor.

4. Carbon disulfide is very flammable, hazardous and highly volatile.

5. Carbon disulfide is used in disinfectants, insecticides, solvents, and chemical agents.

6. Carbon disulfide exposure can be caused readily through the skin and respiratory tract. High concentration exposures can result in headache, confusion, and psychosis.

7. Austin Air filters have a high capacity for this substance and will do an effective job adsorbing the Carbon disulfide in the environment.

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