Sulfur Trioxide (SO3)

1. Also known as Sulfuric oxide and Sulfuric anhydride, Sulfur dioxide is of the solution:
Sulfur Oxygen

2. Formed when Sulfur dioxide reacts with water in air, Sulfur Trioxide becomes a colorless liquid that also exist in the form of ice, fiber-like crystals, and gas.

3. Sulfur Trioxide is used in the production of explosives, sulfuric acid, and other chemicals.

4. Exposure to Sulfur Trioxide may result from inhaling air near a waste site, fertilizers, and air where coal, oil, and gases are burned. Inhaling high concentrations can cause the burning of lungs and digestive tract.

5. Straight activated carbon has a low capacity for Sulfur Trioxide. The use of an appropriate specially impregnated carbon is recommended.

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