Acetaldehyde (C2H4O)

1. Acetaldehyde, also called Ethanol is a solution of:

2. Has the appearance of a clear liquid.

3. Its solubility is normally in water, alcohol, ether, and most organic solvents. Is unstable in air and occurs naturally in vegetables, coffee, fruit, and fine table wine.

4. Pure Acetaldehyde is colorless, miscible with water, flammable liquid, with a pungent and fruity odor.

5. Solution is an aldehyde used as a starting material in the synthesis of acetic acid, n- butyl alcohol, and ethyl acetate. Also used in production of perfumes, polyester resins, and basic dyes. It is manufactured by oxidation of ethyl alcohol and by catalytic hydration of acetylene.

6. Not usually skin toxic, but irritating to eyes and respiratory system.

7. Straight activated carbon has a limited capacity for Acetaldehyde. The use of an appropriate specially impregnated carbon is recommended.

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